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Our Educational Plan Approach

At Hexa Academy, we built and followed a detailed education plan for every student. We apply this approach from start to finish meaning it takes place from the start of enrollment until graduation. To give you an insight, here is the dedicated plan:

Enrollment Stage: In this stage, there are specific assessments that they need to take to know their level of proficiency in some subjects. One example is the English Language Proficiency Test.

Class Stage: The educators will conduct an analysis to determine the skills and talents of students and let them answer the assessments required.

Monitoring: We are aware of the progress of our students in their academics and extracurricular activities that the school offers. This lets us know if we should adjust things for a more efficient learning.

Evaluation: We must evaluate the outputs of the students. In this manner, we can put a strong emphasis on the aspects of learning that need more work.

Hexa Educational Approach

Coaches & Teachers Roles

They are the professionals responsible for knowing and enhancing each student’s strengths, skills, talents, and gifts.

Teacher roles

Parental Roles

The role of the parents is a crucial factor in the progress of the learners. Here in our school, we send out progress reports to the parents to let them know if their child is doing well in their studies.

Parents roles