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Mission & Accreditaion

Our vision

We have this clear vision of helping students discover their innate talents and skills. This will be very useful when it’s time for them to choose their respective courses or industries to work on in the future.

Our Mission

We have a strong emphasis on guiding the students to the right pathway by providing them with a holistic system. It includes assessment, coaching, guidance, teaching, and even some collaboration with parents and guardians. As a result, the best version of themselves will come out to become proactive citizens of their community.

Our Hexa Values

Hexa Values
  1. Student: We believe that there is an innate gift or talent that is yet to discover for every student. These gifts and talents must be nourished and put to good use.
  2. Innovative: Creativity never stops. Learning is a continuous process and must not only be enclosed in the four corners of a classroom.
  3. Patience: Every student has unique capabilities. Others might learn faster than their peers but rest assured that no student will be left behind with their academics and extracurricular activities.
  4. Collaboration: The collaboration of teachers and parents is the key to a successful learning experience. Educators’ and parents’ teamwork will make sure that the learners are getting the most out of their potential.
  5. Persistence: The setbacks that might be experienced along the way will not stop us from achieving the goals of every learner.
  6. Passion: We teach not because of what we are going to earn but because our love for teaching brought us here.

Approval & Accreditation

We have secured approval to register and operate from the Florida Department of Education.