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Hexa Socialized Clubs

We take deep importance on the value of socialization, especially at a very young age. Here at Hexa Academy, we have 3 main clubs which they can make use of to enjoy various extracurricular activities. It will open up new opportunities to discover more of their inner self by unlocking new skills and talents.

Reading Hexa Club

Reading Club

In reading club, students can enjoy reading different texts, books, stories and learn different reading strategies and relted skills.

coding Hexa club

Coding Club

Students love coding specially games coding. Here, they will gain coding skills and will socialize and meet peers with same hobby

Movies Hexa Club

Movies Club

This is definitly fun club. Students can discuss a TV show or movie, plots, scripts,  characters, sing or learn commercial aspects of movies. It will inspire students to let them learn more about this industry as a special art.