Nowadays, there are lots of options to go for students who want to get their education and become more competitive individuals. They can either go choose the traditional way of schooling or the new innovative way which is distance learning.

Any means of educating that helps students to develop and grow can be considered as efficient. This article researches to find what skills online education can help to develop and acquire while these skills might be missing or can be developed later in the traditional education students’ life.

A literature review was written by Dr. Jhon L. Taylor, Director of Learning, Teaching, and Innovation at Cranleigh School states that online distance learning can help students nourish their self-regulated skills.

What is Self-Regulated Learning?

According to B.J. Zimmerman, in the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (2001) states that:

“Self-regulated learning is the self-directive process through which learners transform their mental and physical abilities into task-related skills. This form of learning involves metacognitive, motivational, and behavioral subprocesses that are personally initiated to acquire knowledge and skill, such as goal setting, planning, learning strategies, self-reinforcement, self-recording, and self-instruction”.

The traditional way of schooling does not give students a lot of freedom, unlike the online or distance learning that is so popular nowadays. In online learning, students will have more freedom and thus instill the value of responsibility even at a very young age. The parents will also be able to monitor their child well which creates more bonds and a sense of responsibility.

Students will have to set their environment, and schedule, plan their timetable for studying, etc. Self-regulated students tend to be more productive than traditional students. They become better individuals in the future as they can stand on their own, manage their time well, and be productive in their little ways.


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