Unlocking Talents and Potentials of Every Student

Discovering the unique gifts and talents of each student is the most fulfilling task for a teacher. We believe that children are unique in their way regards to their intelligence and talents. Also, there is this one special innate talent that a child must nourish that will make him or her stand out.


Some students might show remarkable results in academics while others stand out in extracurricular activities or even in social skills. Having said so, we believe that every child deserves to learn something new every day (Siegle,2007, p.111) and we apply this here at Hexa Academy.


In Hexa Academy, no student will be left behind, especially in discovering their gifts and talents. We offer in-class assessments that can be done when the class is ongoing. There are also additional assessments that are given out in the form of extracurricular activities.


In this manner, teachers will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the students as well as their hobbies, passion, and talents. In our Hexa Clubs, students can grow and develop into intellectual or even sporty individuals at a very young age. The future will be bright for them as they will be able to become an efficient member of their society.


Furthermore, we believe that the biggest investment that you can make is to nourish your child and unleash their maximum potential.